In a narrative format - Astro Tech's 1 In a narrative...

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Astro Tech's 1. In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. AstroTech is an engineering company, manufacturing products for aerospace and airline industry in the United States. Fuel Systems division got acquired by Aerospace a couple of years back because it got considered a lucrative industry segment. Employees at this division felt pride as they got highest salary packages while working at this division, so no one wanted to move to any other business segment of AstroTech after acquisition of this division by AstroTech. This case is about Jim McGee, who is in charge and leader of Fuel Systems division in AstroTech. Jim began his career with AstroTech at their Division in Utah. He got known for his dedicated approach towards work and popular as task master as he interacted with his colleagues and considered an effective team player, active and pragmatic team leader. Seniors at the apex level in AstroTech Corporate Headquarters have decided to transfer Jim to Utah. This decision communicated to Jim by Roger Banter, the absentee General Manager of the Fuel Systems Division. Jim confronted Banter regarding his transfer that abruptly concluded by Banter by saying that Jim had to move Utah, and he would only like to talk further after settling problems in Fuel Systems division (Eisenbeis, 2001).
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2. There is obvious conflict at Astrotech Fuel Systems between Jim McGee and George  Phalen. Jim McGee had an obvious conflict with George Phalen in the Fuel Systems Division. Phalen was the division’s president, and Jim was in charge of Engineering function of this division. Jim got concerned about the quality aspects of aerospace and airline products manufactured by Fuel Systems Division. The cause of the problem what Jim believed was Phalen as he had short-termism in his approach and views, and he preferred to increase unit output and sales than identifying and solving the major quality problems that had come with the acquisition. Jim got concerned about long-term
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In a narrative format - Astro Tech's 1 In a narrative...

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