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Christina Barkachi Miriam Diller 9/27/11 Expository Writing Section BB The Essential Key of Reciprocating There are many important aspects in life that enhance our ability to be part of our surroundings and have a greater existence in the world. Architecture and Gestures are two types of sensory cues that evoke emotions. According to Pallasmaa, Architecture is a sensory object that must be observed by using all our senses since is allows us to live a proactive lifestyle. Christine Kenneally, the author of You Have Gestures, states that one must use gestures with speech to express a train of thought. Using both gesture and speech allows humans to have a better understanding of language thus being able to communicate, to impart knowledge of, on a higher level. By being able to use all our senses we grasp other peoples feelings and attitudes thus allowing us to reciprocate. Reciprocating means the act of doing something, or showing emotions in return. It allows people to convey, make a feeling known or understandable to someone, a meaning of cross- communication since it shares the same feelings and attitudes. By being able to reciprocate we are able to express altruism. Altruism means to practice having unselfish concern for others. When one identifies a specific hormonal feeling, they can begin to reciprocate feelings that one may need to be exposed to. The purpose of grasping ones feelings and starting to reciprocate is the maintenance of life. Human beings are dependent on reciprocal altruism through
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relationships with people they love thus a lack of reciprocating leads to a negative affect on human beings. According to Tomasello, “The individuals were more successful and bred more offspring’s with those characteristics.” (191) When humans don’t reciprocate they are not successful because they become isolated from society therefore “we have evolved into now is a species for whom an experience means little if it’s not shared.” (191) Gesture and speech are essential in the subject of language, which is an important
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ess - Christina Barkachi Miriam Diller Expository Writing...

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