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Karim, Discussion Sheet #1 The definition of globalization has become a political and social question. Globalization can be described as a social process in which people can use to become aware of their surroundings and external environment. Globality explains a future social condition that will bring up new assemblages. Steger defines five claims to describe the central ideology and qualities of globalization: the movement toward greater integration, creation of new social networks and the multiplication of existing ones, the expansion and stretching of social relations, the intensification and acceleration of social exchange, and the transformation of human consciousness. Two major issues that can be further experimented is the claim that globalization is a new phenomenon that has made an impact on society throughout time and the destructing effects of industrialization of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Through today’s new technological advances and influence on modern society, globalization has been identified as a new and long-term phenomenon which has crossed several qualitative thresholds over a long period of time. As Steger implies, globalization can be used to “describe a process, a condition, a system, a force, and an age” (p.8). Steger does not believe that globalization is based on dichotomies, but that the ties linking dichotomies define it. He illustrates the complex and contradictory social dynamics of globalization by deconstructing Osama bin Laden’s
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dicussion 1 - Karim, Discussion Sheet #1 The definition of...

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