Study 1B Pavilion Precedents

Study 1B Pavilion Precedents - Ambient Lighting Structure...

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Unformatted text preview: Ambient Lighting Structure - Carbon steel “bolt cage” Structure - Stainless Steel Columns Structure - Impact damper, control wind resonance Structure - 3mm Thick Stiff Roof Plane Regent’s Place Pavilion Carmody Groarke London, England 2010 Spaces Circulation Symmetry & Alignment Public Semi-Private Primary Paths Secondary Paths Tucked between two adjacent office buildings, Regent’s Pavilion is showered with ambient light during the day from the reflective glass facades of the flanking buildings. This “channel” of sunlight helps add to the surreal nature of this space, guiding visitors through the array of elegant columns. The canopy structures consists of a 3mm steel plate which spans 50’ x 25’ along the diagonal on the exte- rior and 13’x16’ on the interior. Acting as the primary connector between the roof panel and the columns, is a network of steel angles and flats. The bolt cage, is cast into the slab to act as reinforcement during the fabrication process....
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