Activity 1-2 - 12-1-21 6:50Blackboard Learn1 4

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Unformatted text preview: 12-1-21 6:50Blackboard Learn1 4 2012-BADM 320-Principles of Marketing-Section 1AssessmentsTake Test: Post-Class Activity 1Take Test: Post-Class Activity 1DescriptionInstructionsThis is a quiz on Chapter 1 from the textbook.Multiple AttemptsThis Test allows multiple attempts.Force CompletionThis Test can be saved and resumed later.Save All AnswersSave and SubmitFiona has developed a new software application that automatically reconfigures accountinginformation based on the standards used in each country. Her product is superior to anythingthat exists on the market. Which of the following decisions is NOT one of the key marketingdecisions she will have to make?a. How the software will be promoted?b. What price to charge?c. What distribution channels to use?d. Where to introduce the software?e. How many software products typically fail?Question 10.2 points SavedIn most supermarkets there are numerous almost identical products, some with brand namesand others with store or generic labels. In terms of creating product value for the consumer,which of the following does not create a difference in value between branded and genericproducts?products?...
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Activity 1-2 - 12-1-21 6:50Blackboard Learn1 4

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