Simple sentences c i concentrate well a i am alert w

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Unformatted text preview: am wise F = I fly an airplane S = I am sober connectives: if...then (standard) only if (non-standard) provided (non-standard) not (standard) unless (non-standard) 2. 18 9 Example 4 b 3. first formula: if C only if A, then provided W, not F unless S 4. main connective: if C only if A, then provided W not F unless S 5. standard or non-standard standard, so we symbolize it ( C only if A ) ( provided W, not F unless S ) 19 Example 4 c 6a. work on first constituent antecedent ( C only if A ) ( not C if not A ) ( provided W, not-F unless S ) (if not A, then not C ) ( A C) 20 10 Example 4 d 6b. work on second constituent consequent ( C only if A ) (provided W, not-F unless S) main connective? provided W, not-F unless S paraphrase? if W, then ( not-F unless S ) W ( not F unless S ) W ( not F if not S ) W ( if not S, then not F ) W ( S F) 21 Example 4 e 7. substitute constituents ( A C) (W ( S F) ) 8. Translate formula back into English IF if I am not alert then I do not concentrate well THEN if I am wise, then if I am not sober then I will not fly an airplane 22 11 THE END 23 12...
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