CT day 1 - Communication Theory 21:29 Why Study...

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Communication Theory 21:29 1/23/12 Why Study Communication? Concern since antiquity Recent “revolution” various groups today are using communication to get messages across, social media, new technologies Pervasive (everywhere) Consequential communicating gets us what we want, or sometimes has negative effects (more dire examples: hostage negotiation, advertising) We try to understand communication through the use of theory Defining Communication Book definition: process by which people interactively create, sustain, and manage meaning Definitions have varied substantially over the years Over time, points of convergence and points of divergence have emerged Convergence Points Communication is a continuous and complex process not easily isolated (not usually very linear) Communication is transactional (both ways at the same time) because of simultaneous influence and context (not just action or even interaction) Communication is symbolic: symbols stand for referents (shared symbolic meaning is possible)
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CT day 1 - Communication Theory 21:29 Why Study...

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