ecology jan 30

ecology jan 30 - Better definition of species*- Species-...

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Unformatted text preview: Better definition of species*- Species- individuals that have the potential to interbreed and produce live, fertile offspring (young) Natural Selection 1.) peppered moth 2.) Darwins finches a. Medium ground finch (Geospiza fortis) a.i. There are these finches that live in the ground and are medium- sized a.ii. Live on island Daphne Major a.ii.1. Tiny island a.iii. Peter and Rosemary Grant at Princeton- went to the island since the 1970s a.iv. There was 130 mm rain per year a.iv.1. 1973- it only rained 24 mm a.iv.2. because of drought, all plants that produced small and medium seeds died a.iv.3. only ones that survived produced large seeds a.v. beak depths of birds = some big, some small a.v.1. when only the large seeds survived, only birds with large beak depths survived a.v.1.a. why? Only they managed to crack large seeds available a.v.1.b. the rest died of starvation a.v.1.b.i. food there but you cant eat it a.v.2. Pre-drought/Post-drought = bell curve a.v.2.a. Huge variation in sizes- lots of variations of seeds a.v.2.b. After drought, died a.v.2.c. The years afterwards, the average size of the birds were bigger because you cant have a big bird with a small beak Linanthus parryae plant- flowers only like to grow in one area, same species Black parrot vs. white parrot White lice- on parrots body, because black one...
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ecology jan 30 - Better definition of species*- Species-...

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