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latin america feb 2

latin america feb 2 - o How do you associate modern and...

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Modernity- ways in which it presumed the kind of break with past authorities including religious authorities In Europe, US, Latin America as a whole, Australia, this period (first world war and afterwards) shakes up gender relations and raises questions about what world people want - Modernity challenged art, music, cultural views, politics, sexual freedom - Women often raised questions about that cultural freedom and the world - How is Jesusa presented as a modern woman?
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Unformatted text preview: o How do you associate modern and traditional women with relations to the places they live, relations to parents, husbands, and children? o Traditional women resides in domestic sphere o Author shows that Jesusa doesn’t stay home a lot- movs around in public world o “Nice” women did not dance in public, not unless they had a make escort People who were involved with mercantile activities...
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