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latin america jan 26 - Paper What's your question about...

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Paper: What’s your question about: Role of women Frieda Kahlo- why wasn’t she popular until 1970’s? no feminism Why did she do mostly self portraits Use of photography Like a letter to you about the article- not using evidence from article to put together something (she was a protistute so what do you expect, quote her in those places- not going to use writer to make argument for you, you make own arguments. So no quotations in this paper. But will say “on page 7 she argues this” in words but “on page 14 she contradicts herself”s Soldaderas, Casasola, Robles, and Pelonas Dolores Jimenez y Muro Soldaderas Pelonas Maria de la Luz Espinosa Barrera Manuela Oaxaca Quinn Augustin Victor Cassasola Venustiano Carranza Gertrude Duby Dolores- was a socialist, a schoolteacher, described as a combatitive writer Landowner who tried to change Mexico, succeeded in getting Diaz to leave country Goal= suffrage, nobody would serve more than one term Supported Madero and wrote various plans for him - interested in farm movements - wanted workers to increase salaries - better working conditions - educational reform - wanted (like Zapato) local control - wanted to protect indigenous people - local control of schools (most schools in world are directed by central gov’t) - wanted lower rents- went from supporting Madero to Zapata- wrote him a plan to change the governmental system of Mexico (plan of Ayala) - was about 60 years old when gained attention of Zapata- her plan was so convincing that Zapata decided to adopt that plan as part of the movement - fights as an equal
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latin america jan 26 - Paper What's your question about...

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