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latinamerica jan 24 - Mexico in 1810 - a good part of...

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Mexico in 1810 - a good part of Mexico before Mexican/American war of 1846 extended into what is now that US - no particular reason why Rio Grande should be the border- people have just defined it that way - many people who are Latinos in the US whose families go back far Miguel Hidalgo - priest who in 1810 worked with indigenous people for the Cry of Pain (Cry of Dolores) - combined his sense of being a priest with being a leader for poor people in Mexico - executed a year after- launched the Mexican Revolutions with all but a few countries (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Brazil)- rest of Latin American countries gained independence between 1810 and 1825 Mexican Revolutionaries - representation of masculinity in Mexican Revolution - the attempts in the middle of the 19 th century to put lands in the hands of people who would use it failed in dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz - became dictator of Mexico, invited in foreign corporations and gave them extra territorial rights o Mexico can’t intervene in operations of American corporations - Diaz sold Mexican resources for highest bidders o Permitted institutional church to reclaim control of education o Control of education- what are people going to teach, who is going to go to school? o Under Diaz, lower middle class didn’t get to school. Church is only educational institution - Town called Morelos is 52 miles from Mexico City -separated from Morelos by high mountains- Morelos has incredible Climate, big resort area o Also has incredible sources of water- key part of human life. It cost more to buy a bottle of water than petroleum o Farmers and local entrepreneurs built big textile factories in which 17% of the workers were women with low wages, no protection
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latinamerica jan 24 - Mexico in 1810 - a good part of...

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