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Bimonthly Progress Report - causes of obstruction and...

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Bi-Monthly Team Progress Report To: Instructors PE 4553 From : Team Manager Name/Group Number Date : Subject : Bi-monthly Progress/Plan of action Objectives Completed List objectives completed by the team. Objective must be specific not general, i.e. it can be done, finished or completed. For example, “learn the geology of the field” has no definite end. However “read ‘A subsurface study of the Pre-Pennsylvanian rocks of Cleveland County’ MS thesis of R. Disney” can be completed. Objectives Not Completed/Actions Plan to Complete the Objective in Future List major objectives planned but not completed during the week. Identify sources or causes of obstruction and explain how the team plans to overcome them.
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Unformatted text preview: causes of obstruction and explain how the team plans to overcome them. Plan of Action for the Next Week List what the team plans to accomplish in the coming week. This plan should be in sink with the major objective(s). The team plan should support the strategic plan and the overall plan of action. Problems or Concerns/ Achievements or Success Explain problems or concerns of the team and also share team achievements and successes. Team Manager is responsible for this submission. The first report is due on January 20 th and should include designation of team personal to titles provided in the syllabus. See D2L drop box for future submission dates....
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