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73016600-Cirque-de-Soleil-Video-Case-Analysis (1)

73016600-Cirque-de-Soleil-Video-Case-Analysis (1) -...

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Assignment Title: the video case “No Clowning Around-Cirque Du Soleil” Assignment No :02 Subject name : Introduction to Business Subject Code : BUS 101 Course Instructor : Tasnima Aziza Submission date : 03 -- 02 -- 2011 Submitted by: S/N Name Roll number 1. MD. Saidur Rahman 792 2. S.M. Kalbin Salema 788 3. Shoumik Mahmud 1978 4. Yousa Zariat 1971 5. A.R.M.Mozaffar Hossain 823 Institute of Business Administration
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Jahangirnagar University What lesson can you take from Guy Laliberte about how to be a successful entrepreneur? Few organizations in today’s society are more indicative of the new challenges than Cirque Du Soleil. Cirque Du Soleil is a company that has built its success on its ability to be creative and innovative. After watching the video case, the lessons that we can take from Guy Laliberte about how to be a successful entrepreneur are- 1. Mentality of taking risks: Guy Laliberte took a great risk by challenging the established circus tradition. He gave a new dimension to circus industry which no longer uses animals. The elaborate shows are expensive to start. So there is always a risk involved in getting higher returns of invested capital. 2. Creative and innovative idea: Cirque Du Soleil is a company, which is all about creativity and innovation. They have reinvented the circus, in their every performance they set up a standard of imagination and technology. They are still growing while many others are struggling. It is just because they successfully developed a new market and continued to expand on that market. This makes Cirque Du Soleil an example of a company that has creativity and innovation at its base. 3. Utilization of business environment: Cirque Du Soleil is now successful, because Guy Laliberte utilized on the business environment. The business Environment presents many challenges for Cirque Du Soleil, as it does for any other business, but Cirque Du Soleil succeeded to utilize the technological, competitive and social environment and made its way up. 4. Stakeholder recognition: Like all organization, Cirque Du Soleil has many stakeholders. They include the owners, employees and local community. But the organization is especially focused on the stakeholder group called customers. It wants to put on the best show possible, and that means providing the best talent possible. To reach as many people, many of the shows go on the road. One can even watch some of the performances on TV. What are the some of the challenges and opportunities you see for Cirque Du Soleil in today’s dynamic Business environment?
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73016600-Cirque-de-Soleil-Video-Case-Analysis (1) -...

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