16437450 - Field trials for determining the visible and...

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Field trials for determining the visible and infrared transmittance of screening smoke. Carmen Sánchez Oliveros a , Guillermo Santa-María Sánchez, Carlos Rosique Pérez. a Institute of Technology “Marañosa”, Ctra. San Martín de la Vega km.10.5, (28330) Madrid, SPAIN ABSTRACT In order to evaluate the concealment capability of smoke, the Countermeasures Laboratory of the Institute of Technology “Marañosa” (ITM) has done a set of tests for measuring the transmittances of multispectral smoke tins in several bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. The smoke composition based on red phosphorous has been developed and patented by this laboratory as a part of a projectile development. The smoke transmittance was measured by means of thermography as well as spectroradiometry. Black bodies and halogen lamps were used as infrared and visible source of radiation. The measurements were carried out in June of 2008 at the Marañosa field (Spain) with two MWIR cameras, two LWIR cameras, one CCD visible camera, one CVF IR spectroradiometer covering the interval 1.5 to 14 microns and one array silicon based spectroradiometer for the 0.2 to 1.1 μ m spectra. The transmittance and dimensions of the smoke screen were characterized in the visible band, MWIR (3 – 5 μ m and LWIR (8 – 12 μ m) regions. The size of the screen was about 30 meters wide and 5 meters high. The transmittances in the IR bands were about 0.3 and better than 0.1 in the visible one. The screens showed to be effective over the time of persistence for all of the tests. The results obtained from the imaging and non-imaging systems were in good accordance. The meteorological conditions during tests such as the wind speed are determinant for the use of this kind of optical countermeasures. Keywords : Transmission measurements, smoke screen, smoke transmittance, multispectral composition, screen size, red phosphorous. 1. INTRODUCTION All facilities designed for developing of technologies for Spanish Defense has been congregated in a new Institute of Technology called Marañosa (ITM), 25 kilometer far from Madrid (Spain). The ITM focuses its activity on knowledge areas as Optronics, Electronics, Energetic Materials or Communication Systems. The Countermeasures Laboratory from Optronics and Acoustics Area has among its functions the research on Camouflage Concealment and Deception (CCD) method in the SWIR, MWIR and LWIR electromagnetic spectrum as well as in the visible (VIS). As a result of this activity is the development of a smoke to conceal not only in the visible spectrum but also in the infrared. The composition of smoke based on red phosphorus has been developed and patented by the countermeasures unit as part of a projectile development program. The smoke screens are mainly used as concealment devices for land vehicles. Their function is to provide protection
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16437450 - Field trials for determining the visible and...

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