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Question set history 2

Question set history 2 - a.Zeus b.Indra c.Athena Grade 9...

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Grade 9 :: US Government by Judy0903 What is an amendment? a.U.S diploma b.the right to vote c.a change to the United States d.a change to the Constitution Grade 9 :: Asia by Sahra123 is a famous Han emperor a.Chandragupta b.Wudi c.Troy Grade 9 :: World Religions by Sahra123 God of war, chief aryan deity, weapon was the thunderbolt
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Unformatted text preview: a.Zeus b.Indra c.Athena Grade 9 :: World Religions by Sahra123 Areas dedicated to honor a god or goddess a.Shi Huangdi b.shrine c.reincarnation d.golden age Grade 9 :: Ancient History by BigAlL44 Who made the first world map in the 6th century BC? a.China b.Babylon c.Greece d.Mesopotamia...
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