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ASL questions for review for final - (circle all that...

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To get the attention of a Deaf person who is looking the other way, you should . a.Yell to get their attention b.Tap him/her on the shoulder c.Wave your hand in his/her face d.Go around and stand in front of the person College :: Sign Language by shannonfike While watching another person sign, it is appropriate to focus on the signer's . a.Hands b.Chest area c.Face College :: Sign Language by shannonfike American Sign Language is used by most Deaf people in which of the following countries?
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Unformatted text preview: (circle all that apply) a.Canada b.United States c.Mexico d.France e.United Kingdom College :: Sign Language by shannonfike What is American Sign Language (ASL)? a.a code similar to Braille b.a shortened form of English c.a method of communicating with oral deaf people d.a lanugage utilizing space and sounds to convey meaning e.a language that uses a lot of gestures to convey ideas f.a language that uses movement and expression to convey meaning...
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