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College :: Sports by  stacey69   If the server serves the ball without the receiver being ready a "let" can be called by the receiver.   1. True  2. False  College :: Sports by  stacey69   Evaluating your current fitness level prior to beginning an exercise   program   1. is only important for physically inactive people  is not important  will have nothing to do with activities you choose for your  program  4. will help in setting realistic goals  College :: Sports by  stacey69   Some walking safety tips for a safe enjoyable experience would be? Circle all that apply.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Walking Alone Is Not Recommended. If you walk at night, wear bright or reflecting clothing so that others, especially motorists, can see you. Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings. 4. Listening to your ipod and tuning out the outside noises. College :: Table Tennis by KCSharp Change of ends and service takes place in the last game after 10 points have been scored. 1. True 2. False...
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