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***Warm up Basic Homework*** Review of attempt 3 Started on Tuesday, 18 January 2011, 08:49 PM Completed on Tuesday, 18 January 2011, 08:49 PM Time taken 49 secs Marks 7/7 Grade 2 out of a maximum of 2 ( 100 %) Question 1 Marks: 1 Which of the following statements are true? (When you see a brief statement on the right in maroon (red), you can click on it for additional help.) Help: Multiple choice questions Choose at least one answer. a. Taking the time to enjoy success in problem solving is more likely if you don't wait until the last minute and have to rush. b. The disciple to do your work early is a good habit to acquire. However, lik all good habits, it takes effort to acquire. c. Repeatingly doing what does not work eventual leads to success. d. It is beneficial for students to wait to the last minute to do homework. e. Being on time in class and forcing yourself to pay attention make it easie to get a good grade. Correct Marks for this submission: 1/1. Question 2
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Marks: 1 Which of the following statements are true? Choose at least one answer. a. Participation points are lost if I come late to class or leave early. b. All errors must be fixed immediately after they occur. In particular, test err must be corrected by the Thursday following the test. c. I can always do extra credit if I need more points. d. There is no credit for participation points if I use a cell phone or computer during lecture. e. I can fix attendance or test errors at any time, including after the final has been taken. f. There is no late homework in this course. This means I should do my work early in case unexpected events occur. Correct Marks for this submission: 1/1. Question 3 Marks: 1 Which of the following statements are correct? Choose at least one answer. a. It is a good idea to help each other understand the homework. However, it is cheating to simply give another person the answers. b. Cheating is acceptable. It does not hurt others. It does not hurt me. It does not hurt NJIT. c. A true friend will not ask me to help him cheat. d. If I have 2 i-clickers in class, it means I am cheating. I and the other person will lose all participation points for the semester. e. I need the self respect and integrity to say, "No" when someone asks me to cheat. Correct Marks for this submission: 1/1. Question 4 Marks: 1 The following questions are easier if you first read the chapter on MOODLE HOMEWORK INSTRUCTIONS found in the Important Information book. John is 76 inches tall. His brother is 53 inches tall. How much taller is John than his brother? Help: Do not include units in calculations Answer:
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Correct Marks for this submission: 1/1. Question 5 Marks: 1 How do you enter 3:1 or 3/1 in Moodle? Help: Ratios and fractions
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