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Costigan Stalin-U.S.S.R. Q's 4-8-08

Costigan Stalin-U.S.S.R. Q's 4-8-08 - World History Period...

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World History, Period 4 April 15, 2008 Reading Assignment Questions Chapter 14.2, 15.2, 15.3 1. By 1928, Stalin had become the unchallenged leader of the Soviet Union because over the course of 5 years, he strategically placed his followers into holding a government office so that when the government was filled with people loyal to him, he could become head power easily. 2. The government controlled everything in peoples’ lives including the work and the amount they would have to do, the choice to randomly send people off to prison camps, and the ability to take land, belongings, and farms away from people to hold in the government. 3. Sacrifice/Hard work and Propaganda were the two widely spread methods of used by the authorities to indoctrinate citizens. 4. Women in the Soviet Union were allowed to get an education and work. Women had equal opportunities as men, and worked just as the men did. At one point , 75% of doctors were women.
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