Types of Kinetic Energy

Types of Kinetic Energy - friction 3 Sources of human error...

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Period 7 18, December 2009 Types of Kinetic Energy 1. Most of the difference in the predicted and actual Kinetic Energy is caused by the ability for the ball to move tits fastest. The ball is not capable of going any master, unlike the cart. If the ramp was too high and the ball didn’t roll off the ramp smoothly enough, it could have caused an error as well. 2. Other forms of energy the Potential Energy could have been converted into are: heat and
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Unformatted text preview: friction. 3. Sources of human error could have occurred in numerous places and may have been: inaccurately measuring of the ramp’s height or the ball did not roll smoothly down the ramp and it bounced off the table. There are also several incorrect measurements that could have been made while using the stop watch....
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