Physics-Current Event #3

Physics-Current Event #3 - The elasticity of the tooth is...

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Physics 26 February 2010 Elasticity in Dentistry For my third quarter physics current event, I read an article in Physics World, called “Arm dentists with lasers, urge researchers.” This article was about how dentists have been researching the use of elastics to study teeth. As children lose their baby teeth and grow in adult teeth, and the tooth enamel becomes very important in keeping the teeth strong to protect from cavities. One technique has been recently discovered by a man named Simon Fleming from the University of Sydney that tests the elasticity of teeth without scratching or harming the teeth. The new technique preformed by Fleming is done by using lasers to heat and illuminate the tooth’s surface causing it to “rapidly expand and initiate an ultrasonic surface acoustic wave (SAW) that then propagates outwards” (Extance). This vibration is safe to the living tooth because it will only penetrate one wavelength into the root of the tooth.
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Unformatted text preview: The elasticity of the tooth is then determined by the velocity of the wave. By determining the tooths elasticity, dentists are able to see the level of mineralization on each tooth. Checking the level of mineralization is very important and eventually leads to understanding the overall health of the teeth. As the sound waves vibrate and bounce off the teeth the dentists can learn a great deal about the teeth. As we have been learning in class, elasticity can be used for many different applications and wavelengths also. The measuring of sound waves and vibrations are not only used in the physics world, but in medical fields as well. Work Cited Extance, Andy. " Arm dentists with lasers, urge researchers." Physics World . Institute of Physics, 26 Feb. 2009. Web. 24 Aug. 2009. <> ....
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Physics-Current Event #3 - The elasticity of the tooth is...

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