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R4P - help Clearly I think we have not finished our duty to...

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Period 5 11-19-09 Rock for Peace This year’s Rock for Peace was really incredible. With over 850 tickets sold and over $13,000 raised in one night I feel like it was a huge success. All of the money went to a non- profit organization called Outreach Asia, which helps to stop world hunger. Here in America we do not fully realize how much suffering there still is in the world that we are doing nothing about. In fact, there are hundreds and thousands of people dying each day in third world countries because they do not have the money, resources, or ability to receive the nourishment they need to survive. Even with extremely successful nights like Rock for Peace, there are still so many people that are dying that we cannot reach. It is hard to understand how their situations get this bad. With women and children living for months and months with no food and dying slowly, one would think that wealthy nations such as the United States would wake up and try to
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Unformatted text preview: help. Clearly, I think we have not finished our duty to help these countries and serve them because their needs are being ignored still by so many people in society today. It is non-profit organizations like Outreach Asia that allow people to directly help their need for life and survival. The church’s stand is always pro-life so for us to neglect the suffering lives that are here on Earth is inhumane. There is enough food in this world to feed everyone on the Earth and it is the distribution of recourses that causes people to suffer and die from a lack there of. It is sad to see these poor innocent children suffer and die from a fate they could not choose. Hunger and poverty cannot be eliminated in one day or by one person, but it is a constant effort to protect all of the people and their lives....
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