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IB Malcolm X essay - English HL 1 IB Period 2 11 September...

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English HL 1 IB, Period 2 11 September 2008 An Ambition for Equality Alex Haley’s The Autobiography of Malcolm X is a work that is known worldwide which includes rhetorical strategies and symbols to draw the reader into the unobstructed view of the life of a struggling black man, during the times of racism. The Autobiography is a controversial didactic tale which promotes moral regeneration in both black and white societies. The main purposes of the autobiography were: to create controversy over the treatment of blacks and draw attention to the subject, to use diction to illustrate that his growth is so monumental that if he can do it anyone can, and to provoke the white audience to realize the three hundred years of brutality towards blacks, by structuring the novel after a classic Catholic/Christian tale to appeal to the white community. Malcolm X’s autobiography is extremely controversial because many readers, regardless of their gender thought that Malcolm’s story was false. The literary critic, John Mandel, interprets in his essay, the autobiography and comes to the conclusion that, “Malcolm’s actual life was not a bluff; the bullets which killed him were no bluff. But in some significant ways, his autobiography is a bluff” (Mendel 201). Mendel’s strong opinion, which further confirms the beliefs of some, is based mostly off of an event that was added into the epilogue admitting that a particular incident been fabricated. In the account, Malcolm told of an act that he performed in order to prove he was not afraid of death. However, when Malcolm tells Haley that the event had not occurred exactly in that way, Malcolm asks him to “[…] leave it that way […]” showing
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IB Malcolm X essay - English HL 1 IB Period 2 11 September...

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