english ib- Paul's Letter to American Christians MLK speech

english ib- Paul's Letter to American Christians MLK speech...

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English HL 1 IB Paul’s Forewarning to Americans Martin Luther King is a black civil rights activist who is extremely famous today for his grand impact on society and segregation, his wiliness to fight for what he believed in, and especially for his speeches. King spoke at several famous conferences and debates over his many years as a civil rights activist. In every speech he intricately draws in his diverse audiences using appeals such as pathos, logos, and ethos, in combination with rhetorical devices to get the audience energetic and involved. One of his speeches, named “Paul’s Letter to American Christians” which was given at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church on the fourth of November, 1958, loosely takes the form of a Pauline epistle and seems to stand out from the rest in his style of writing and ways to appeal to the people. Dr. King’s main purpose for this sermon is to use his Christian values to put into perspective for his audience, just how destructive their chosen path truly is. Dr. King speaks as if he is the apostle Paul and he has come to warn the people of their consequences for their lives of sin. As Paul, King begins to congratulate the people for the scientific and technological advances that were made over the past several years, but then he begins to point out three major issues that have yet to be improved. Materialism, Capitalism, and Protestantism are all disturbed ideas that influence King to take a stand in the world’s recent decisions. Dr. King argues his first point that, “You have allowed the material means by which you live to outdistance the spiritual ends for which you live” (King 1). Allowing material items to enter your life and become more important than your faith shows the disorder in peoples’ lives and the great need for them to rearrange their priorities. The idea that money can buy happiness through the form of merchandise is a dangerous way of living one’s life and it only makes people shut away all of the suffering and
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need in the world. Focusing on money and its face value can “cause one to live a life of gross materialism” (King 2). Another point that Dr. King made clear was to be aware of the rising
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english ib- Paul's Letter to American Christians MLK speech...

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