AP ECON- EXTRACT #1 - The Best Way to Show Economic...

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The Best Way to Show Economic Improvement in a Recession Period 3 15 October 2009 Word Count: 683 The article that I researched for this economics extract was an article that I found in the Los Angeles Times online database. The topic of this article includes a discussion about the recession that the United States is currently in. Along with this recession discussion, the article includes an explanation about which is a better indication of recovery in a recession between
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growth in GDP and unemployment rates. The article addresses these topics and draws a conclusion at the end which answers the question, “Do We Need another Stimulus.” Right now the United States is experiencing a recession. A recession is defined by two consecutive quarters in which a country’s real GDP does not grow. Although this recession is affecting nearly every U.S. citizen, it is slowing getting better. One effects of the recession in America is an increase of the number of unemployed. To be considered unemployed one must be eligible to work but currently laid off or actively seeking work in the last thirty days. Two of the costs of this unemployment rate are: less goods and services being sold and the
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AP ECON- EXTRACT #1 - The Best Way to Show Economic...

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