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Macroeconomics 4 December 2009 U.S. Government Unit The Constitution: Fixed or Flexible 1) The Supreme Court judges, along with all other judges have the job of interpreting the vaguely worded phrases in the constitution. They must interpret these sentences of our Constitution justly for everyone. In order to bring justice to the people through the vague parts of the constitution, judges must be flexible to meet the needs of every generation. In order to prevent numerous amendments to our laws, all groups of people must be counted for. Over the past few generations there were many cases where the judge had to interpret the constitution justly. One example of this applies to the death penalty. In the past, the court viewed it just to take a life for a life. Now, in terms of the death penalty, the defendant’s mental state is taken into consideration. 2) Public opinion was an immense impact on dictating how the Constitution is interpreted as well. The holistic views of the Constitution are based on specific principles and values. However, these principles can be applied differently between state government and federal government. Modern society has a specific take on the Constitution whether or not people are in agreement with that. Although public involvement in Constitutional rights is allowed for every American, it can negatively affect individual cases and trials. I believe public opinion is just, up to a certain point of involvement. Federalism: U.S. v. The States 1) Each state government used to control the legal limit for drinking and driving in their state. As driving under the influence because more and more of a hazard throughout the states, the national government had to step in. The national government managed to
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implement a national blood alcohol standard by debating with several states about the dangers and risks that come from allowing citizens to drive under the influence. The national government declared that the number should be set at a BAC of .08. Once any driver, over the age of 21, passed this limit they were considered driving under the influence and they would have consequences. The state that disagreed with this idea greatly was North Carolina. The limit in North Carolina for a driver’s blood alcohol content was 1.0 and many people did not want to lower that. After long debates with the issue, the law was passed that . 08 was in fact the legal limit. North Carolina was regulated and random traffic stops were given to make sure that citizens were complying with the law. 2) There is a balance between the two types of government in the United States. There is a state government and a federal government. The state government is given more power than the federal in small case matters. The balance between these two governments is called federalism. This means that the national government can choose to impose its power on the state government. The carrot approach in the government is when funds are obtainable to the state by the national government as a carrot. This approach is like a bribe from the
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U.S. GOVERNMENT PAPER - Macroeconomics 4 December 2009 U.S...

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