AP ECON- EXTRACT #3 - The Future Economy for Southern...

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The Future Economy for Southern California Period 3 18 February 2010 Word Count: 659 For my third Macroeconomics extract commentary I looked at the LA Times which I receive at my house to find an update on the economy. I found an article that I really enjoyed in the business section that pertained to what I’ve learned in class. This article discussed the economy in Southern California and predicted what growth will be made in the near future.
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The article begins by announcing that Southern California is heading towards a great deal of growth over the next two years. This was a great hook to begin the article because once it is stated that the economic forecast is looking up; many people want to learn what changes have been made for this improvement. As tourism and entertainment grow in Southern California, it is stated that our economy will have a “modest recovery” in the near future. Although we are heading out of a recession, meaning we are raising our GDP, the unemployment rate is unfortunately said to stay low. GDP refers to the Gross Domestic Product of our nation and as
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AP ECON- EXTRACT #3 - The Future Economy for Southern...

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