IB MATH- Criterion D

IB MATH Criterion D - the golden ratio of 1.618 Every era in art that I studied had its own incorporation of the golden ratio Some eras in art

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Criterion D: Interpretation of Results Overall my results have led me to a conclusion that was not the same as my hypothesis. My hypothesis was that every art work, regardless of the era, would show some relevance to the golden ratio. The women in the five eras of art that I chose however show no similarities to each other. They all have ratios near the golden ratio, yet none of them are divinely proportional as I had assumed. The painting, The Birth of Venus, which was created c. 1480 in the era of Early Renaissance Art, was the closest to being divinely proportional. The ratios nearly matched up in every test I ran on my scaled down picture. The face of the Goddess Venus is nearly perfect which makes me believe that the golden ratio does determine the beauty of the figure. This goddess was painted to look beautiful and perfect, thus it has ratios that are extremely close to
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Unformatted text preview: the golden ratio of 1.618. Every era in art that I studied had its own incorporation of the golden ratio. Some eras in art focused on the height and width of the face being perfectly proportioned while others made the small details like the length from the chin to the tip of the nose perfectly proportioned. Overall, I was surprised to see that none of the famous artists that I studied used an exact golden ratio for the women’s faces or bodies. My hypothesis was based off of the desire for all Greek art to be perfectly proportioned. I assumed that the concept was likely to be adapted by other eras. However, although Greek art is known for its precise numbers and ratios; not even the Greek statue, Venus Demilo, represented the perfect golden ratio. Clearly beauty can be displayed in all forms of art without the use of the golden ratio....
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