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Criterion A: Introduction Women in Art throughout the Ages For my IB project I am going to look at women in art throughout the years. I will pick five famous pictures containing women from all different eras in art. With these pictures I will calculate their golden ratios. The art will be collected and all of the women will be measured out so that all of their golden ratios compared. By studying each of the golden ratios, I will be able to determine whether or not precision and beauty were factors in each painting or sculpture. The golden ratio is an irrational mathematical constant that is rounded to 1.618 when rounded to four significant figures. The golden ratio proves if something is perfectly proportioned. The golden ratio is said to be present when the total length a + b is to the longer segment a, as a is to the shorter segment b. 1 I will be choosing certain lengths and widths of the woman’s face in each
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Unformatted text preview: picture, and I am going to compare it to the ratio above to see if it holds true. Art was thought to have been more famous when it was beautiful and uncontroversial. I am going to see if these famous artworks followed this belief. My belief is that all of the women, regardless of the era they are made in will have very similar ratios. Art is sold by its appeal to the viewers. I am predicting that without the golden ratio, the paintings would not have been as appealing, thus the artists incorporated it into their works. 1 http://www.google.com/imgres? imgurl=http://www.virtualprojectconsulting.com/images/GoldenRatio_000.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.virtualproject consulting.com/pm-golden-ratio/&h=300&w=460&sz=51&tbnid=31zTxOtXeimc5M:&tbnh=83&tbnw=128&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dgolden %2Bratio&usg=__M0RUTI4cM8xQe_IlhZY58G5Beqs=&ei=dE5xS4aSJYHUtgPzw_2PCA&sa=X&oi=image_res ult&resnum=8&ct=image&ved=0CCIQ9QEwBw...
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