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IB math Criterion E

IB math Criterion E - their faces and their bodies However...

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Criterion E: Validity I used a variety of mathematical processes to determine the golden ratios for a variety of different types of art. In finding the Golden Ratio I was able to see the changes in how artists depicted the female body throughout each era. Once I calculated the golden ratios for each painting or sculpture I was able to see that the golden ratio did not fully influence any of the artists in their paintings. Women were thought to be beautiful if they had perfect golden ratios in
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Unformatted text preview: their faces and their bodies. However, we can see that the artists did not care about showing beauty through measurements. In each era, the women are portrayed with their natural beauty and little relation to the golden ratio. The era that showed the closest relation to the golden ratio was in early renaissance art. Through my conclusions, I can see the theory that beauty can only be shown naturally by using the golden ratio is false....
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