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Statement of Task - I will pick about five famous portraits...

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Women in Art throughout the Ages In my project, my task is to research famous paintings of women that were created in different time periods and eras. The art will be collected and all of the women will be measured out so that all of their golden ratios can be calculated and compared. My belief is that all of the women, regardless of the era they are made in will have very similar ratios. Art is sold by its appeal to the viewers. I am predicting that without the golden ratio, the paintings would not have been as appealing, thus the artists incorporated it into their works.
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Unformatted text preview: I will pick about five famous portraits to compare in my studies. I am going to focus on just the females shown in the portraits because female art used to be extremely criticized. Undoubtedly, it was the representation of women in art that was closely watched. With my studies of the golden ratios I will be able to determine if it does make the person appealing. If I am disproved, and there is no similarity in the womens golden ratios then I will give an example of a Picasso abstract piece to show how its beauty is revealed without the golden ratio....
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