TCPIPNetworkTroubleshooting - Workstation 2D has the wrong...

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Workstation – B and Workstation – C Have the same IP address. All the devices must have a unique IP address in order to function properly. Both computers being assigned the same IP address will cause a network conflict and those two particular hosts will have connectivity problems. One way this problem can be fixed is by releasing or renewing the IP address if the IP addresses are dynamically assigned. If the IP is statically assigned then you need to make sure each device is configured with a unique IP. If a router has a faulty DHCP server causing IP address conflicts than perhaps a firmware update will correct the problem. Printer - A has a broadcast IP address assigned to it. A broadcast IP address targets all the systems on the subnet instead of just the one host. Another major problem would be other devices on the network would not be able to access the printer.
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Unformatted text preview: Workstation 2D has the wrong default gateway. The default gate way provides a default route when the IP address does not match any of the routes in the routing table. To fix make sure the default gateway is on the same logical network as the workstation by comparing the IP address of the default gateway with that of the network ID. Workstation A, Workstation 2c, and Workstation 2d all are assigned the wrong IP addresses. This could cause a few problems, computer can not connect to the internet or other network recourses, it could connect to other networks and not have access or the proper permission to the recourses. The routers and the server do not have subnet masks or default gate ways. They have no way of talking to each other. Setting can not be applied with out the subnet mask....
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TCPIPNetworkTroubleshooting - Workstation 2D has the wrong...

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