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I would start by deciding on a desirable website name, then checking the availability of the website using “whois.net”. This will give me a list of available domains I could purchase or it would send me to a site where I could purchase the desired domain name. I choose to go with Widgets-World.net, which was available for just 11.59 per year. It’s the company’s name and should be easy enough for the customers to remember. After choosing a suitable domain name I would register it through the ISP. Instead of wasting valuable time arranging the domain DNS (Dynamic Naming Server) I would let the ISP (Internet Service Provider) arrange the domain DNS. This should keep things simple and allow focus on more pressing matters of the website. The website would consist of three pages. The first page would just be a title page with information about the company. This page will also contain hyper links that take you to other pages or forms. This page would also have pictures linked as well as the logo on it. I would make the logo on every page a hyperlink so when clicked it will redirect you
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