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Network Consultant Scenerio - would only be from one office...

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Statement (b) categorizes the proposed solution. In my opinion the 1000Base LX seems to be the best choice for the proposed solution. While the 1000Base LX does not meet the length requirement to connect the two buildings it does however, achieve the two optional results. The two buildings are 800 meters apart and the 1000Base LX has a maximum transmission distance of 550 meters. Also since the buildings are already running 100BaseT Ethernet the gigabit connection
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Unformatted text preview: would only be from one office to the other. The 1000Base LX Ethernet is used for high speed backbones so would support transmission rates of 1000 Mbps with a lower error rate than copper between the two buildings only. The1000Base LX is immune to interference. Since the cable is consisting of basically glass with light traveling through it, it is not affected by electromagnetic interference....
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