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test 4 bio review - epistasis-two genes in same pathway...

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It always out from origin of replicaion. Helicase unwinds it Ssb relives tension. Low error rate. Polymerase can proofread and repair or remove it. ] Key enzyemes Dna helixase Ssb toposimerase Dna primase Dna polemarse 1 2 3 Dna ligase Other nuclear for replaur www.mcb.harvard.edu/losick/images/trombonefinald.swf polygenic inherateince – multiple genes effect one trait
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Unformatted text preview: epistasis-two genes in same pathway that effect one trait. Say you wanna go from a b to c with a b if a works and b doesn’t neaither will. This deals with phenotype use nature education. www.nature.com /scriptable/topicpage/epistasis-gene-interaction-and-phenotype-effects-460...
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