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Harpreet Singh Dr. Stanford University 101 November 12, 2011 Cultural Activity Assignment For my cultural activity assignment, my friends and I decided to use our passports to go to the Eastern state Penitentiary. We decided to use my friend’s car and arrived there within ten minutes. The first thing we saw as we drove by to find a parking spot was a line that went around the entire building and across 2 blocks. We knew that it would be packed but had no clue that there would be that many people. We eventually found the line for the tickets and even this line was a block long. When we finally got to the front of the line we all used our passports to get tickets. However one of my friends had trouble getting his ticket because the cashier did not
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Unformatted text preview: think the passports where real and need up arguing with my friend. This actually was the luckiest thing to happen that night because the manager came and gave us all flash passes because of how the cashier acted. We ended up going to the front of the line skipping that insanely large line. We then went through the entire trail. It was very exciting and fun. I would defiantly recommend going to this attraction just make sure you are cautious at every turn. I will be attending Eastern State Penitentiary every fall from now on. It was a good experience and great way to take break from studying and hang out with friends....
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