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DH Brochure3, June 2011

DH Brochure3, June 2011 - DENTAL HYGIENE DHY.AAS Career...

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DENTAL HYGIENE DHY.AAS Career Description: A licensed dental hygienist is a health care professional, oral health educator and clinical operator who utilizes scientific knowledge and methods to provide preventive, educational and therapeutic services to support the control of oral diseases and the promotion of oral health. Under the supervision of a dentist, the hygienist records the patient's dental history, charts the mouth for evaluation and diagnosis by the dentist, scales and polishes teeth, exposes radiographs, applies fluoride and sealants, and functions as a dental health educator. Please be aware that many procedures performed may expose a dental hygienist to blood borne pathogens, potentially hazardous materials and ionizing radiation. Program Information: The Dental Hygiene Program at Camden County College is a two-year, full-time, daytime associate degree program that prepares students to take national, regional and state licensure exams in dental hygiene. Successful completion of the program and the licensure exams allow the candidate to be employed as a dental hygienist in dental offices, institutions, clinics and other health care facilities. Employment Opportunities: An Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree can lead to employment in a private office, as a clinical hygienist, or a dental office manager. Further education can lead to employment as a dental researcher, public health dental hygienist, dental hygiene educator, or dental hygiene education administrator. Statement of Purpose The purpose of the Dental Hygiene Program at Camden County College is to provide students with the knowledge, technical skills, interpersonal skills and values that will qualify graduates for a career in dental hygiene. The program will prepare students to take national, regional and state licensing exams. Program Goals Goal I: To provide an entry-level dental hygiene education that will prepare the student for licensure and to function effectively in a dental hygiene setting. Objectives The student will: Integrate and apply basic science, dental science and dental hygiene knowledge and skills. Goal II: To maintain a dynamic dental hygiene education that recognizes the complexity of a scientific and technologically oriented society. Objectives The student will: Recognize sources of information and information gathering techniques that enable him/her to seek, obtain
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and critically evaluate information when needed. Apply computer skills in order to find information, take intraoral photographs, take digital radiographs, and obtain periodontal charting information, and manage patient records. Goal III: To provide quality, patient-centered dental hygiene care to all members of the community. Objectives The student will: Provide humane and compassionate care to all patients without discrimination, as outlined in the “Patient’s Bill of Rights”.
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