FInal easy univeristy 101

FInal easy univeristy 101 - Philadelphia is fun. There is...

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Harpreet Singh Dr. Stanford University 101 30 November 2011 Progress Report The first quarter at Drexel has gone by incredibly fast. The academic standards I set for myself were to receive at least a 95 in each class. Although I have met my goal in some classes, I do not feel as though I am meeting these requirements that I had set for myself. To improve my grades before this quarter is over; I have dedicated a large amount of time studying for my finals. For the next quarter my goals are going to be the same. I plan on spending more time studying throughout the quarter to make sure I reach these goals. I have made many friends her at Drexel. I am only in amsa and club soccer and would like to expand on these activities. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Going to Drexel has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life. The freedom and being ability to do whatever you want has been great. For me, attending a school in a large city like
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Unformatted text preview: Philadelphia is fun. There is always a place to go and something to do. College is exactly like I had expected it to be. Many of my friends in college had told me what it was going to be like and this is exactly like what they had said. For the rest of my freshman year I have a lot I want to accomplish. My goals as for my grades are still 95. I will start volunteering at Kennedy Memorial Hospital in the spring. Also my goals are to join a community service group I am interested in before this summer. I would love an opportunity to join the Drexel stars program over the summer. It is something I am very interested in. Being able to spend an entire summer working in a lab would give me an opportunity to gain lab experience which is something I want to take away from my education at Drexel....
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FInal easy univeristy 101 - Philadelphia is fun. There is...

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