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Harpreet Singh (1)

Harpreet Singh (1) - I reached 9 th grade In 9 th grade my...

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Harpreet Singh Writing for me has always been difficult. The first language I learned to speak and write wasn’t English. When I did start to attend school in America it was very difficult to learn. I had to take extra classes and my parents were not of much help since they did not write or speak English well. This made me hate having to write in school. After a couple of years it became easier but I always struggled and felt as though I was behind others in this area. This lasted until
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Unformatted text preview: I reached 9 th grade. In 9 th grade my English teacher realized that I was having a difficult time with writing. She allowed me to stay after school and get extra help. After that year my grades and skill with writing increased. With my skill going up I realized that reading and writing weren’t as bad as I had thought and I even began to like it. I continued through the rest of high school taking honors and AP English classes....
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