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Photosynthesis Overview - Photosynthesis Chlorophyll The...

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Photosynthesis Chlorophyll The primary type of light-absorbing pigment in photosynthesis. o Chlorophyll a absorbs violet-blue and red lights of the visible light spectrum o Chlorophyll b absorbs light in blue and orange range. o 500-600 nm Neither can absorb green light Stoma A minute opening bordered by guard cells in the epidermis of leaves and stems; water passes out of a plant mainly through it Houses enzymes to assemble CO2 Photosynthesis vs. Cellular Respiration Cellular Respiration takes place in the mitochondrion’s membranes o Photosynthesis takes place in the membrane of the chloroplast, thylakoid membrane Glucose is oxidized to CO2 using O2 as an electron acceptor (Cellular Respiration) o CO2 is produced to glucose using electrons gained from the oxidation of Water (Photosynthesis) The equation is the reverse of cellular respiration Overview of Photosynthesis: In the light dependent reactions- photosystems in the thylakoid absorbs photons of light and use this energy to generate ATP and NADPH. Electrons lost from the photosystems are replaced by the oxidation of water, producing O2, as a by-product. The ATP and NADPH produced by the light reactions is used during the carbon fixation in the Calvin cycle in the stoma Photons: A particle of light Discrete bundle of energy Chlorophylls absorb protons within narrow ranges of chlorophyll a and b o Photon excites an electron which raise the certain molecule to a higher energy l level that carries a chemical nature of the molecule it hits (pigments in chlorophyll) o
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Photosynthesis Overview - Photosynthesis Chlorophyll The...

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