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Time Inventory (Virginia Tech Time Inventory) One of the ways to begin better managing your time is to understand where your time goes. For this assignment, list the average number of hours per week you devote to each of the following: Activity Hours Per Week Attending class (include the time to get there and back) 17 hours Sleep 49 hours Grooming 5 hours Meals (include the time to get there and back) 14 hours Commuting 7 hours Work 0 Social activities (going out or staying in) 28 hours Talking on the telephone/texting (if you do it while performing another activity, count only the activity) 7 hours Using Facebook/Twitter or other social networking sites 0 Doing errands (laundry, campus offices, etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: 4 hours Other significant activities (besides homework and studying) Soccer 10 hours TOTAL 141 There are 168 hours a week. Subtract the above total from 168. This is the number of hours you have available for studying. 27 hours Hours per week left available for homework and studying: As a point of note, most instructors recommend that to prepare properly for class, you need to spend twice as much time as the number of hours you are in class. Review for exams may be additional. If the above number is less than what your classes and teachers call for, you may need to adjust your time management strategies to improve your performance in your classes....
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