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Winter2012CourseDescriptions - Winter 2012 HONORS COURSE...

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1 Winter 2012 HONORS COURSE DESCRIPTIONS Honors Seminar (FRESHMEN ONLY You will only be registered if you did not take HNRS 200 during the Fall 2011 Term) Instructor: Various Faculty/Staff Honors 200, Multiple Times, 1.0 credits CRN Multiple Offers intensive discussion of a subject of significant intellectual interest. Subjects vary from section to section and are meant to engage entering Honors students with one another under the guidance of Drexel’s best faculty. Bad People/Good Books Instructor: Jessa Crispin ( [email protected] ) HNRS 201, Section 001, Tuesdays 10:00AM to 12:50PM CRN 24153 This class will examine the interplay between artistic genius and personal behavior. Not simply going after the bad boys (with which the literary world is densely populated), we'll read the books of murderers, rapists, Nazis and more, to determine whether the acts of the artist do (or should) affect the way we appreciate the work. History of Evolutionary Thought Instructor: Dr. Lloyd Ackert ( [email protected] ) HNRS 201, Section 002, Tuesdays 6:00PM to 8:50PM CRN 24065 Recent discussions of the current controversy over teaching evolution in the public classroom makes it cle ar that there is a “Darwinian” prejudice, held by the critics, supporters, and journalists participating in the debate. In this seminar we will learn that evolutionary thought has a history that is much broader in intellectual range, one that predates Darwin by 2000 years. We will survey the history of evolutionary thought from the ancient period to its modern developments. Drawing on both recent historical literature and writings of the scientists covered, students will engage a broad range of evolutionary ideas in their social, cultural and political contexts. Here we will not only encounter a number of evolutionary perspectives as presented by their authors, but will also practice a number of historical methods including biography, sociology of science, philosophy of science, and cultural history.
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Winter2012CourseDescriptions - Winter 2012 HONORS COURSE...

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