On becoming a Chicano-eng

On becoming a Chicano-eng - "On becoming a...

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"On becoming a Chicano" Richard Rodriguez’s essay On Becoming a Chicano addresses his loss of sense of his native “Chicano” (Mexican-American) culture as a child and, subsequently, his loss of the ability to understand the world through the lens of this native culture. "When I became a student, I was literally "remade"; neither I nor my teachers considered anything I had known before as relevant." This story was about a Chicano who once he started school in an English setting left his Chicano culture behind. It talked about how he felt like he had to either choose between being a Chicano or an intellectual. Traditionally Chicano’s aren’t seen as being very intelligent. His parents were partially to fault for leaving his culture behind. "Heroically, they gave up speaking to us in Spanish- the language that formed so much of the family's sense of intimacy in an alien world- and began to speak a broken English.' He thoroughly describes the process through which he distanced himself from his culture, starting with his early school days and going through his university-level English studies. As a child, both he and his parents were strongly
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On becoming a Chicano-eng - "On becoming a...

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