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art1000-2 - ART OF ANCIENT NEAR EAST Statuettes of Two...

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ART OF ANCIENT NEAR EAST Statuettes of Two Worshippers ( Sumerian) From the Square temple at Eshnuma, Iraq Ca. 700 B.C.E Abstract- on the human figure…doesn’t look real Body parts on not in proportion ex: legs, arm aren’t balanced Always have beards on men…too much at a point They represent “you” and are put in temples to basically worship for you Stele with Law of Hammurabi ( Babylonian) From Susa, Iran Ca. 700 7’4’’ BCE Stele= Grave model for public places…. Code= laws for society and bring It was the first example of foreshortening Laws= physical assault, punishment, and violence…..(bottom) Hammurabi (king), Shamash(God): he approved laws and was there for support and praying…(top) Lamassu (Assyrian) From the citadel of Sargon II (king), Iraq Ca 720-705 B.C.E 13’10’’ Bull-like—virility Had eagle wings which were stylized and abstract, 5legs, 4legs on side, and 2 in front It was placed in main in lobbies to scare of enemies. It had idealism through the wings and texture but the animal shape was realistic. Egyptian Art Palette of King Narmer ( Pre-dynamic) Ca 3000-2020 BCE Creatures faring around main point Uses= was made as a makeup palette and unification between lower and upper Egypt. Hathor= God form of cow and he nourishes the pharos Horus= another God in art “father of the pharos It was divided into three registrars and the lower level was the enemies. The Great Pyramids (Old Kingdom) GIZEH, EGYPT Ca. 2490-2472 BCE
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1. Menkaure(left) grandson 2. Khafre (middle) son 3. Khufu (right) father -----biggest 13 acres big app/ 775ft and 450 in. It was made of limestone and khafre was the only one that stayed. Each stone weighed 2.5 tons and 2.3 million blocks of stone RE- son god …. Ben-Ben-shaped=pyramidal stone. They were built because Khufu had built burial chambers for himself.
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