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Museum assignment - College of Staten Island Introduction...

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College of Staten Island Introduction to Visual Arts Museum Assignment Due on April 13, 2011 The following are topic headings and questions that you should use in writing up your report on our museum visit. The recommended museum is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, since it has the widest selection of art in the city. The admission is suggested so you can pay whatever you like. Please visit for more information on how to get to the museum and what you will expect to find there If you have not been there before, you will learn that the Met is extremely big, too big. Therefore, you should be selective about what you want to see. In order to use what we’ve learning in class, focus on four galleries: 1) Greek and Roman Art; 2) Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas; 3) Modern Art (including the rooftop garden); 4) European Paintings. Stop at the information disk in the middle of the entrance lobby and get a map so you can get an idea of how the museum is laid out. This assignment is meant to have you engage the museum in a way that considers not only the content of the museum (i.e. the artwork) but also its form (the architectural layout). In other words, you should think about the works the museum presents to you, as well as how it does this. This is meant to be a thoughtful and critical engagement with a museum. Use the following headers and questions to provide your responses. Use Word to fill in the form; you should use as much space as you need to fully answer the questions. Do not fill in this form by hand. (You can print this out to use as a worksheet during your visit but the final submission should be filled in using your Word program.)
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The Mission Look online at the museum’s website and locate the mission of the museum. What is the stated mission of the museum? Keep this in mind throughout your visit. Where is the mission found within the museum? Is it written for all to see or is it in a piece of literature available at the entrance? Is it written clearly or do you think it’s too obscure, or too general? What makes it so? The museums mission centers on the importance of the work of art in its collection. The museum catches the people’s attention by acquiring works of art that are the finest of their own kind. They museum tries to do this with all pieces of art from all different times of period in history. The collections are placed in a safe and appropriate environment. The staff is very supportive in all sectors of the museum. The importance is the maximum use of all the museum space. I think that the museum’s mission is as it is mentioned in the website and it is not too obscure or too general. The Metropolitan museum is extremely big and also one of the world’s largest and finest art museum and with more than two million works of art spanning five thousand years of world culture, the museum has to keep its mission very simple so it can keep at its rank.
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Museum assignment - College of Staten Island Introduction...

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