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Chapter 13 Part 1

Chapter 13 Part 1 - 3 Describe the Battle of San Jacinto...

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Chapter 13 1. Define the filibustering expeditions in Texas during the early 1800s. -Irregular military units of Adventures on unauthorized forays into a foreign nation, start of a rebellion. 2. Explain several factors that led to the Texas Revolution. -Friction soon developed between the Mexican government and the Anglo- American colonists over the status of slavery and the authority of the Catholic Church. Austin was arrested for writing a letter advising Texans to set up a government without Mexico’s consent. In 1835, some Texans revolted against Mexico’s central government. Mexican rule was inefficient, inconsistent and sometimes corrupt.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Describe the Battle of San Jacinto and its results.-General Sam Houston assaulted Santa Anna’s troops at a camp near the San Jacinto River. The final count showed 630 Mexicans dead and only a handful of Texans. Santa Anna was captured and forced to sign treaties recognizing the independence of Texas and its claim to territory all the way to the Rio Grande. 4. Why did Americans go west in the 1830s-40s? What where the main routes there? -Manifest Destiny. 5. Summarize California in the 1820s and 1830s. -6. Outline the 1844 presidential election. -N 7. Describe the founding of the Mormon Church and its westward migration. -N 1...
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