Chapter 13 Part 2

Chapter 13 Part 2 - capturing the rest. 11. Describe how...

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8. Describe the doctrine of Manifest Destiny and its main ideas. -Coined the phrase Manifest destiny. Thought that god was on the side of American expansion. The spread of American rule meant what other propagandists for expansion described as “extending the area of freedom.” The population required the outlet that territorial acquisitions would provide. 9. Describe the Oregon boundary dispute and how it was resolved. -Both the United States and the British fought over what was known then as the Oregon Country. After an almost war incident the British offered a division of the property which was accepted. 10. List the origins and immediate causes of the Mexican-American War. -On April 24, sixteen hundred Mexican soldiers crossed the river and the following day met and attacked a small American detachment, killing eleven and
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Unformatted text preview: capturing the rest. 11. Describe how the Mexican-American War was settled. -With the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ceded New Mexico and California to the U.S. for $15 million, and established the Rio Grande as the border between Texas and Mexico. 12. Briefly summarize railroad growth in the 1840s-1850s. -N 13. Discuss the railroads impact on the nations economy. -N 14. Explain how the railroads were funded.-N 15. Describe immigration to the United States in the 1840s-1850s.-N Essay topic: Discuss the Mexican-American War. What where its root and immediate causes? What were the ideological influences on the war? Who favored and opposed it, and why? Describe the terms by which the war ended. 1...
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