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Essay chapter 16 part 1

Essay chapter 16 part 1 - Each side’s advantages-North...

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Civil War overview Intro -Total war is always a test of a society’s economic and political systems, the Civil War was no exception. -The Civil war was a “total war” involving every aspect of society. -The South had to be beaten so badly that its government could be overthrown. -North had to decide why they were fighting. -Both sides had their advantages; the South looked like the obvious prize bull in 1861 when it didn’t look like the North was going to give it all they had. -In the end the war took much longer than expected.
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Unformatted text preview: Each side’s advantages-North had larger population-North had more railroad mileage-South had an easier task, only to defend not to conquer.-The Union was in a sense self supplied while the South depended to a great extent on other countries. -The South could to some degree choose the time and place of combat and took advantage of familiar terrain and sympathetic civilian population.-South was over confident that their farm boys would easily take on several Northern businessmen. The North had farm boys too....
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