Essay chapter 16 part 2

Essay chapter 16 part 2 - Was the Norths victory inevitable...

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What made it so long? -North changed their minds about why they were fighting. -Northern military planners had great difficulty in working out basic strategy. -Some believed it could be won easily by overtaking Richmond, well led Southerners however blocked the way and made this plan much more difficult. It was this that made the North use the anaconda strategy. -The North had bad morale, some caused by the draft buyout. -South refused to give in. No surrendering. The north was forced to completely take over. -After the war was clearly going to take a long time. The volunteer pool dried up and both sides began to have trouble finding soldiers.
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Unformatted text preview: Was the Norths victory inevitable? Why?-The North won the war mainly because it had shown greater capacity than the south to organize, innovate and modernize.-Advances in science and technology and great improvement in managing large numbers.-Souths economy was too fragile and the breath of the economy was easily squeezed out with a blockade.-The North had more money and while their bad planning was a flaw at first the possession off the mastermind Lincoln won the war.-Not inevitable. It may seem that way now but if the North had not learned to master their large numbers the war would have gone to the confederacy....
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