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APMA4901: Seminar in Applied Mathematics Wednesdays 11:00am-11:50am prof: Chris Wiggins c ± Chris Wiggins 2011. Please do not duplicate without permission. The seminar in applied mathematics is a required course for all juniors and seniors majoring in applied mathematics. The junior seminar meets for one hour each week. We will have a variety of speakers, including faculty, alumni, and senior applied mathematics majors. Lectures will be focused on the research and the varieties of experiences and skills known as applied mathematics, rather than on learning individual techniques in applied mathematics. To give you a better idea of the goals of the class, here are a few quotes from previous years’ juniors The seminar was a good way to see how seniors were able to do creative research in various topics. It also encouraged me to find a research topic and get a broader and better understanding of my future options in the world of Applied Mathematics. This seminar has helped me to better understand why I am majoring in applied math at Columbia as well as expose me to the nature of the challenges and problems that I will face. [T]he most valuable information that I have taken away from this course [is] how the department is actually interested in me and my studies. I got through the first two years of Applied Math without really knowing what it was. The junior seminar has filled this void that I presumably share with a lot of applied math majors entering their junior year: it simply helps you to understand what exactly applied math is. In a broad sense, it exposes you to the various career paths following an applied math major. When I originally decided to major in applied math, I was convinced that the only thing to do with this major is either teach or go into finance.
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Copy of 4901-instructions - APMA4901: Seminar in Applied...

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